Idioms beginning with E

every nook and cranny

Meaning: to look for something everywhere

Example: The lawyers searched every nook and cranny to find more evidence but alas, there was none. Read on

everything but the kitchen sink

Meaning: almost everything that one can think of

Example: When he moved out of the house, he took along everything but the kitchen sink. Read on

end of story

Meaning: there is  nothing more to add to the matter under discussion

Example: I did not invite her because I did not want her to come to my party. End of story. Read on

every picture tells a story

Meaning: scene of happening that explains hidden reality

Example: Shannon is denying but I am quite sure that she had done something wrong, every picture tells a story. Read on

eat humble pie

Meaning: To become very humble in behaviour when someone points out a wrong doing by the person.

Example: I know for certain that the appliance should not be handled this way but if I turn out to be wrong then I'll eat humble pie. Read on

every cloud has a silver lining

Meaning: there is something good in everything that's bad

Example: Reena was depressed to be confined to bed after her surgery, but over time, when she could spend a lot of time with her family and catch up with old friends, who came to visit her, she realized that every cloud has a silver lining. Read on

early days

Meaning: it is too soon to make a judgment about something

Example: The new measures seem to have worked, but it's early days yet and the Reserve Bank of India Governor would rather not make any comment about the country's economy. Read on

early bird

early bird Meaning: somebody who gets up early in the morning. Example: It is no use calling him before 9:30 in the morning, he's not exactly an early ... Read on

easier said than done

easier said than done Meaning: something seems like a good idea, but it would be difficult to do. Example: The doctor advised her to stop smoking and drinking ... Read on

easy come, easy go

Meaning: readily won and readily lost

Example: I won a lot of money at the casino last night but lost it on my way out. Oh well, easy come, easy go. Read on

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Idiom of the Day

love child

Meaning: a child born out of wedlock

Example: The new actress in that movie is rumoured to be the love child of one of the most famous actors of the previous generation. Read on


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