buy the farm

buy the farm

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to die
  • to pass away
  • depart from the world
  • lose life all of a sudden
  • meet the death
  • to get perish
  • ending up in the grave
  • kick the bucket

Example Sentences

  1. Mister Jack was really ill from the past two months and yesterday he bought the farm.
  2. Sara is just eighteen years old, too young to buy the farm.
  3. Don't worry! John will survive this heart attack, he won't buy the farm.
  4. Michal lived for a few days after her collapse and then she bought the farm.
  5. I really want to visit New Zealand once, before I buy the farm.


This idiomatic phrase is probably related to a British slang "buy it." Also, this phrase is believed to come from the military. Many servicemen wanted to save up, go home and buy a farm after their services are over but, they automatically received a small portion of the land due to their sudden death, which is the grave. Additionally, insurance and military pension were provided to these soldiers so that their surviving families can benefit from them or buy a place to live in.

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