sit tight

sit tight


  • wait patiently
  • wait and take no action
  • stay where you are
  • take no action till something happens
  • wait until further notice

Example Sentences

  1. Just relax and sit tight, we’ll get the problem sorted for you.
  2. During times of financial turbulence, its best to sit tight and not make any hasty investment decisions.
  3. The doctor told him to just sit tight while he bandaged his injured leg.
  4. Should we send him a reply or just sit tight and see what he does next?
  5. I’m going to sit tight and not pay these charges till I get a clarification from the bank.
  6. The coach advised his team to sit tight and wait for the results to come in.
  7. I have not decided upon which course to take. I’ll sit tight till I get the results of the entrance test.
  8. I think you should just sit tight and not interfere while he gets this fixed.

This phrase originated during the 1700s.

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