set in ways

F - S

set in ways

also fixed in ways


  • leading a fixed lifestyle
  • do things the same way every time
  • not wanting to change habit or routine
  • living according to own customs and patterns


  1. People tend to get set in their ways as they grow older.
  2. His grandparents are set in their ways. They won’t use technology for their daily routine.
  3. After having lived alone for years, she was set in her ways.
  4. If he had not been so set in his ways, he would have understood his teen-aged nephew better.
  5. He is so set in his ways that it is difficult to get him out of the house except when he usually goes out.
  6. Old people are usually set in their ways and youngsters have a disregard for order. No wonder they don’t usually get along.
  7. Although she was set in her ways, once a while she would break her routine to accompany her niece to the theatre.
  8. Having retired a few years back, he was getting set in his ways.

The origin of this phrase is not known.

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I am in complete agreement with you, Ron. The original “set in her ways” has been corrupted with “his ways”, “their ways”, etc.

Ted Miller, an old seadog

‒ Ted Miller March 5, 2024

I always assumed this was a nautical reference, referring to the ways in which a ship sits while being built or repaired. When they go to release it, it is stuck because it was there so long.

‒ Ron Benton December 20, 2023

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