run out
run out Meaning to not have enough of something to leave for a short period of time to leave someone behind (usually a romantic relationship) to expire; to ... Read on
heart goes out to
heart goes out to Meaning to feel sympathy for someone when they are distressed used to show a feeling of compassion for someone else during difficult times Example ... Read on
out of sight, out of mind
out of sight, out of mind Meaning to not stay an active issue when something is not immediately visible it refers to the reduced importance and emergence of ... Read on
breakout Meaning | Synonyms | Variants to escape from somewhere violently a group escaping from prison a massive acne breakout, usually happens to teenagers something that is sudden ... Read on
outbreak Meaning | Definition the beginning of something suddenly the star of something unpleasant, usually a disease Example Sentences The influenza outbreak had begun that year. I had ... Read on
black out
black out Meaning to be in a semi unconscious state so as to not have any memory of a particular moment usually it is a short span of ... Read on
out of mind
out of mind Meaning to not be thinking clearly to suggest absurd ideas and suggestions it is used to call someone crazy refers to someone who is not ... Read on
run out of steam
run out of steam also, run out of gas Meaning | Synonyms to lose the effect that something ones had to fail slowly to stall or become stagnant ... Read on
out on the town
out on the town Meaning go out and enjoy yourself at one or more places in the town go out for entertainment or celebration go to pubs, bars, ... Read on
go out on a limb
go out on a limb Meaning do or say something that is different from most other people get into a position where you are not supported by others ... Read on

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zip it
zip it Meaning to ask someone to shut up to ask to not say anything further, in a rude manner to stop talking Example Sentences The teacher had ... Read on


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