no news is good news

no news is good news


  • to assume that since there is no news, it will not be bad news
  • to not know the outcome of something and hence believe that it is good news
  • to be sure that when it is bad news, it will be made known, which means that in the meanwhile, there is no bad news

Example Sentences

  1. The exam results are not yet out and I feel no news is good news.
  2. You should call your mom and check about her health even though you think no news is good news.
  3. She had said she will text me when she knows about the outcome and until then, I am going to go for a vacation because no news is good news.
  4. In this business, no news is good news.
  5. You will have to wait until we can hear back from the embassy about your visa but in the meanwhile, no news is good news.


Usually the cultures around the world have a quick declaration about bad news and good news takes that much longer to travel. This phenomenon has given rise to the fact that no news would mean that it is good news and hence people can stay calm and patient.

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