liquor up


liquor up


  • get someone drunk
  • get someone tipsy
  • encourage someone to drink liquor, usually in excess
  • to become drunk
  • to consume alcohol

Example Sentences

  1. When their friends came for a visit, they took them to the bar and liquored them up.
  2. The sales people liquored up the potential customers in the hope of winning the deal.
  3. When Dean and May went on a date together, he liquored her up and tried to take her home with him.
  4. His jealous relatives liquored him up trying to find out how much his grandfather had left him as inheritance.
  5. He got liquored up at the pub and started a fight over a trivial issue.
  6. After he broke up with his girlfriend, he used to keep indoors and spend all day liquoring himself up.
  7. Our new neighbors seem to have the habit of staying out late and liquoring up every night.
  8. When the detective realised that the person could be having critical information, he started liquoring him up and tried to get him to talk.

The origin of this phrase is not known.

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