level playing field


level playing field


  • a situation that is fair to everyone
  • where everyone gets the same opportunity
  • a situation where everyone has an equal and fair chance of succeeding
  • a fair competition, where no advantage is shown to one side

Example Sentences

  1. These set of rules would provide a level playing field to all the competitors and all would have a fair chance of succeeding.
  2. The politician said in his speech that he wanted to provide for a level playing field to the downtrodden and marginalized sections of the society.
  3. Even today, women don’t have a level playing field in terms of opportunities to excel and succeed.
  4. It’s no use competing in that market; you don’t have a level playing field.
  5. If we start off with a level playing field, everyone would have an equal chance of succeeding.
  6. Since we don’t have a level playing field, we have to put in extra efforts in order to do well.

This phrase alludes to the fairness required in field games where a slope would clearly be an advantage for one side, for example, football and rugby. Figuratively, it has been used since the late 1900s, with the oldest record found being in 1977 from the Tyrone Daily Herald.

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