last long


last long
or long-lasting

Meaning | Synonyms

  • existing or persevering for a significant amount of time
  • powerful for a moderately extensive period
  • opposing the impacts of wear or use over a long period of time
  • lifelong or┬álong-term

Example Sentences

  1. The debate on whether man and woman were created equal has been long-lasting and significant.
  2. He can’t last long should it come down to a fist fight between both of them.
  3. The wood used for the chair is long-lasting.
  4. Experts stated that Patanjali Noodles won’t lasts long against Nestle Maggi Noodles in India.
  5. New car battery works last long in cold weather too.
  6. Where from do you bring these Deodorants that stay last long?
  7. Donkeys are known as scruffy animals but they work long-lasting without tiring.
  8. Winter lasts long in Canada.
  9. Even a small incident may leave a long-lasting effect on child.
  10. Money and fame lasts long only if earned by honesty.


The first use of this expression came about in the dark ages. The Europeans of that time were obsessed with longevity of tools, weapons, and other possessions needed for survival. Hence, you hear things like “That’s a long-lasting axe”. Then sometime, in the 1520s, it was used in the banquet of the boards of Anglo-Saxon warlords and chieftains. The people of that time used to rely on these warlords to feed them from the proceeds of taxation, stolen goods, and plundered foods from neighboring cities. The wealth and power of the warlords and chieftains was measured by how often they threw feasts and how lavish these feasts were. These feasts usually last very late into the night, and sometimes for days. So, they came to be described as long-lasting.

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Is that “last long” is the real answers of saying to a couple until their get married. Or it should be “long last”

‒ Farisha March 2, 2021

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