jump the gun

jump the gun


  • start something too soon or early, especially without thinking
  • do something before it should be done
  • act before the proper time
  • begin something before preparations are complete


  1. The media jumped the gun and gave out their verdict of the scandal even before the investigation was complete.
  2. Don’t you think you are jumping the gun by talking about marriage so soon? You’ve only just met.
  3. I don’t want to jump the gun and give out my conclusions until I have all the information required.
  4. He jumped the gun and booked a seat for me even before I had confirmed that I was coming.
  5. I think he jumped the gun when he made that investment without doing proper research first.
  6. The new executive jumped the gun by sending out the appointment letter too soon.
  7. She didn’t want to jump the gun and make a statement until she had all the facts of her case.
  8. If we publish this sensitive article, the masses will be quick to jump the gun and give their own verdict based on half truths and unconfirmed news.

This phrase originated from track and field races and was known since the early 1900s. It refers to athletes starting the race before the gun was fired (which was used to signal to start of the race). This phrase was preceded in America by “beat the gun”.

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- Janelle Myka D. Derla June 19, 2018

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