hit or miss

hit or miss
also,  hit and miss

Meaning | Synonyms

  • something is arranged in a haphazard fashion
  • it hasn’t been planned or organised very well
  • might be good or bad at different times
  • something with a random or unpredictable outcome

Example Sentences

  1. “Have you tried the new bar on the corner? We’ve been three times and it’s a bit hit and miss.”
  2. The décor was really hit or miss in the big, old building.
  3. We’ve decided on a date for the picnic, but the weather will be hit or miss.
  4. It depends what mood the chef is in, because the food can be really hit or miss in that café.


We would use this expression to explain whether something hits a metaphorical target (good) or misses it (bad). Sometimes you hit the target and feel good and other times you miss and feel negative. So, this describes the up and down nature of event being talked about.

There may be many factoring reasons that would make something a ‘hit or miss.’ It can be down to weather, atmosphere, taste, timing or a simply a touch of chaos. 

It’s often used with an intensifying word too, such as ‘really’ or ‘very.’

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