have a soft spot

have a soft spot for someone


  • like someone a lot
  • feel a lot of affection for someone
  • a strong liking for someone
  • be emotionally vulnerable about someone
  • have special feelings for someone

Example Sentences

  1. My brother used to have a soft sport for a girl in his class. He found something about her very appealing and always wanted to be with her.
  2. Though my uncle is always bungling and goofing things up, I have a soft spot for him; he has a big heart and means well.
  3. She was a very bright student and most teachers in her school had a soft spot for her.
  4. She had a soft spot for the boy next door - she found him cute and adorable and always ran off to help him out.
  5. Though he denied being in love with her, it was evident that he had a soft spot for her - he could never see her unhappy and was always caring for her.
  6. She had a soft spot for her youngest brother and was always fighting for him, even if it was his fault.

The phrase has been used since the mid 1800s. Apart from conveying emotions of affection, "soft spot" is also used to denote weak points that can be exploited.

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