dog’s life

live or lead a dog’s life


  • a miserable and unpleasant life
  • a miserable, unhappy existence
  • to lead a drab or boring life

Example Sentences

  1. Mark’s been leading a dog’s life since he was fired from the job.
  2. He’s been living a dog’s life since his wife left him.
  3. Poor Richard really leads a dog’s life.
  4. I’ve been working so hard. I’m tired of living a dog’s life.
  5. I’ve got to go to the market, then cook a meal, then pick Davis up from the airport – it’s a dog’s life.


This Idiomatic expression was first recorded in a 16th-century manuscript and alluded to the miserable subservient existence of dogs during this era. By the 1660s, there was a proverb: “It’s a dog’s life, hunger and ease.”


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Would you please answer me the meaning of “dogs often have a ruff life”

- Chun November 11, 2017

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