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dead as a dodo
dead as a dodo Meaning | Synonyms no longer alive or existing to be extinct to not be found to be obsolete/outdated dead as a doornail Example Sentences ... Read on
drop like flies
drop like flies Meaning many people falling ill or dying around the same time faint, collapse or die in large numbers rapidly decrease in number drop out of ... Read on
down to the wire
go down to the wire Meaning a situation where the outcome is not decided until the very end something that ends in the last minute until the last ... Read on
don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
don’t look a gift horse in the mouth also never look a gift horse in the mouth Meaning don’t be ungrateful when you receive a gift do not be critical ... Read on
dog days
dog days Meaning hot, sultry days hottest days of summer Example Sentences During the dog days of summer, people prefer to remain indoors and go out as little ... Read on
double date
double date Meaning a date on which two couples go together an occasion when two couples go out together a date where two people and their partners go ... Read on
dead ringer
dead ringer Meaning A duplicate of the exact nature. A substitute for something. An imposter. Example Sentences She is a dead ringer of one of my friends. I ... Read on
dry run
dry run Meaning a rehearsal before the actual performance Used in terms of performances as well as a corporate jargon which means to give something a trial before ... Read on
doozy or doozie Meaning it is something that is unique an outstanding formation of some sort it is an unusual thing, could relate to being positive or negative, ... Read on
drink like a fish
drink like a fish Meaning this phrase means to drink heavily, which becomes worrisome it refers to alcoholic drinks more than non-alcoholic drinks but can be used for ... Read on

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an item
be an item Meaning be involved in a romantic relationship a couple having a romantic relationship two people who are lovers Example Sentences John and Sally are frequently seen ... Read on


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