carte blanche


carte blanche


  • to have complete authority
  • to exercise full control
  • to have a freehand

Example Sentences

  1. The guy has carte blanche over who works and who does not in this company.
  2. Her father is a rich man, I am sure that she has carte blanche over who she wants to marry.
  3. Although it seems otherwise, I do not have carte blanche in this marriage. On the contrary, my husband is the decision maker most of the times.
  4. The prime minister exercised carte blanche when he signed the orders for such a massive change in the country. Whether the change turns out to be good is now to be seen from the results.
  5. The rich business man’s daughter had carte blanche when it came to choosing which groom she wanted to marry with


The origin of this phrase comes from the Spanish language which can be translated to “blank cheque”. It provides full power and authority to the holder. The phrase comes from the American English and is popular in telling someone about who is the boss and in control.

Another speculation about the phrase’s origin is from the French language in which it means a blank card. This again points to the same meaning of holder having full authority to fill the card as he / she pleases.


  • free rein
  • a free hand
  • a blank check

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