blind impulse

blind impulse


  • sudden and unaccountable desire to do something
  • refers to the sudden instinct to act compulsively

When you experience a blind impulse, you want to do something out of the blues. When you desire to wake up one day and everything changes, you want things to happen out of blind impulse.

Example Sentences

  1. Acting on what appeared to be a blind impulse, she submitted her resignation.
  2. I changed my career path out of blind impulse.
  3. The government’s decision to settle refugees was an act of blind impulse.
  4. Sometimes I dream that I become wealthy and famous out of blind impulse.
  5. It may not be wise to make decisions through blind impulse, but some situations call for quick action.
  6. Acting on blind impulse, she decided to call off her engagement.
  7. Her decision to change schools was an act of blind impulse, but her parents agreed because she needed a change of environment.


Currently, the origin of the idiom is yet to be established. However, it appears on several famous quotes from renowned authors, activists, and leaders, to mention a few. Below are some of the popular quotes.

“False conclusions which have been reasoned out are definitely worse than blind impulse.” – Horace Mann.

“For the whole consequence of evolution from blind impulse through the conscious will to self-conscious knowledge.” – Otto Rank.

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