blazing row

blazing row


  • a very angry argument
  • a big fight or quarrel
  • a noisy and verbal quarrel
  • an intense argument where both parties refuse to back down and are vengeful

Example Sentences

  1. After having a blazing row with his wife, he stormed out of the room and banged the door behind him.
  2. I think its best for them to separate. They are no good together and are having blazing rows with each other almost every day.
  3. The couple had a blazing row about the amount money spent on shopping in the middle of the shopping mall.
  4. The couple did not see eye to eye on most things and had blazing rows every now and then, but when it came to their child’s education, they usually agreed on what was best for him.
  5. Jim and Sally called off their wedding after they had a blazing row over their honeymoon destination.
  6. Andy cannot be reached since he stormed out of his house last night after having a blazing row with his wife.
  7. They had a blazing row with each other a couple of days back, but now they seem to have resolved their differences and are going good again.

The origin of this phrase is not known.

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