be up on

be up on


  • be well informed about a matter or subject
  • well versed in
  • knowledgeable about
  • up to date on


  1. If you want to start teaching English to grown-up kids, you need to be up on it else you’re going to be unable to clarify their doubts.
  2. It is not easy to crack the administrative services interview if you do not be up on the current happenings & news events. So prepare well before hand.
  3. You are going to lose a great chance for being next in the next big project if you do not be up on the presentation well before time.
  4. Leaders should be up on the topic they are going to give a speech on. Else they will be mocked by public & lose their votes.
  5. I had been up on the condition of the company that is why I advised my colleagues to look for another job. But they overlooked my concern & have now become jobless.
  6. If you need to learn trigonometry should be up on the trigonometric formulas. Else you’ll find yourself striving hard while solving challenging questions.

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