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Carolyn Landry – (just deserts) September 2, 2023

Webster's Universal College Dictionary has 3 meanings for the word desert. 1. an arid, sandy region 2. to leave (a person, place) without intending to return 3. reward or punishment Accordingly, it should be "He got his just deserts." View full article ➺

Tony Chiou – (kick the habit) September 1, 2023

I think the term refers to the "habit that monks wear" as they walk; they kick the habit, which is difficult to avoid! Thus, it’s a repetitive action that is difficult to give up! Hence the idiom! And I'm a Chinese Malaysian interested in idioms! 😎 View full article ➺

Frank – (knotty problem) August 24, 2023

Obviously with a phrase meaning difficult, complicated or problematic the origin is to do with knots in string/ropes etc. A knot in a tree/piece of wood doesn’t pose a ‘knotty’ problem in the normal sense of that phrase. View full article ➺

Вихрен Костадинов – (clean sweep) August 22, 2023

During World War II, American submarine crews, eager to showcase their many accomplishments, revived the practice. If a boat sank every target with which she engaged over the course of a patrol, the crew attached brooms to the periscope shears so their success, a “clean sweep,” was on display as they entered port. View full article ➺

Summer – (the devil is beating his wife) August 2, 2023

Midwest here. always hear this in what we call a sun shower - when the sun is shining and it’s raining. Sometimes I hear it when something unexpected happens. Moved out to the pacific northwest recently when one day there was a sun shower - I casually said to a group of friends "well- looks like the devil’s beatin' his wife again" - they all busted up with laughter as they’d never heard the idiom before. View full article ➺

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