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Michael Green – (red herring) April 23, 2023

It is not entirely a mistranslation. Tradionally and even know when referring to hunting "horses" is used as a term for the entire hunt (if hunting mounted). As horses do not follow a sent obviously they were talking about the whole hunt with the hounds following the scent. View full article ➺

Pana – (blowing smoke) April 20, 2023

The tobacco smoke enema kit from the 1750’s was used to put tobacco smoke into a patients rectum to resuscitate a drowning victim. Doubts about its credibility led to the popular phrase “blowing smoke up your ass”. View full article ➺

Tim – (say what) April 18, 2023

I would say that "making you look like an idiot" is pretty strong. "Less educated" also seems a bit strong. Maybe I´m just being defensive though. I used it all the time and I´m a university educated professional. But I do agree that it is a formal expression. View full article ➺

Kiumarz Mazaheri – (far-fetched) April 16, 2023

Now I realize that I am definitely right considering anything far fetched the same as idealistic because whatever is idealistic is impractical or totally unrealistic like so described in far fetched. It’s so because idealism is a way of belief or argument based solely on imagination rather than factual experiences. For example; believing that “We all are equal and thereby should be granted the same freedom to any opportunities we are striving for.” This is unlikely or even unrealistic by reason that in reality everyone is different because everybody has individual and thus different talents, interests, or experiences, thus human minds differ. Further, therefore it is very unlikely that anybody would vote for an ex-con released from a jail or prison or for any mental patient released from a psychiatric hospital to become President of United States. Thus the political philosophy of Democrats as the so named left wing is rather far fetched than a realistic belief expressed more by Republicans. Who knows, maybe in the far future computer science is so advanced that our brains could be programmed to make anything we wish feasible through the 4D virtual reality? View full article ➺

Dale – (on the line) April 15, 2023

I would say it comes from arguably the second-oldest profession, masonry; everything built by masons is on the line, or actually "to" the line. It makes sense to me; I can’t believe that this hasn’t been brought up before. View full article ➺

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