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Ivan 5 Law – (24/7 (twenty-four-seven)) November 7, 2023

I ask a Librarian, does Jerry Reynold's article from 1983 say 24/7. The Librarian said that when Jerry Reynolds said that he makes his shot 24 hours a day seven days a week, 356 days a year. That Jerry Reynold did not say 24/7 nor is there any reference to 24/7. The 24/7 is acutely a lyric written by Ivan Law in 1986 , the Music is now available in its original form, The 1985 demo Of Ivan law contains the first use of the phrase 24/7. It would remain hidden in Ivan Law's work until after the Birth of the internet. The first place Ivan law released his music was on, the phrase and escalation of the uses of the phrase 24/7 coincides with the birth of the internet music site. In the song, drop the Beat 24/7 was not the only phrase that was coined, drop the Beat was coined also. View full article ➺

Jay Spence – (wrap in cotton wool) October 29, 2023

My Dad was born premature (weighed 3lb) in 1932. Back then and probably for a long time before that, they didn’t have incubators or other modern methods for keeping a prem baby alive and simply wrapped him up in cotton wool. I believe this is where the saying comes from. An old fashioned way to treat a premature or poorly baby. View full article ➺

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