a bunch of fives


a bunch of fives


  • This phrase refers to the human fist where the bunch of fives literally point out to the five digits.
  • It refers to boxing and how the five fingers come together for the same.

Example Sentences

  1. The two enemy groups in the college this time came together for a fight with nothing but their bunch of fives.
  2. He closed his bunch of fives when threatened by the police officer but then resorted to his cool almost instantly.
  3. One must be able to control their anger and not just bring their bunch of fives to every event.
  4. A marriage is a game of patience and trust. One cannot just bring their bunch of fives to it even if the other person provokes the same.

Charles Westmacott used this phrase in his published work ‘The English Spy’ in 1825. It is, however, debated that the phrase was coined four years earlier in another published work ‘Boxiana’ by Pierce Egan. This cannot be proved since the work is no longer available. The argument remains strong though since the latter is a book based on boxing and hence the reference can be linked to it in a stronger manner.

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