the last thing I want
the last thing I want Meaning I don’t want I especially don’t want or didn’t want used to emphasise to someone else that even if something bad is ... Read on
do justice to
do justice to Meaning This phrase can be used in the positive or negative sense in the positive sense it means: to speak of or otherwise show a ... Read on
head and shoulders above
head and shoulders above (the rest/the competition, etc.) Meaning significantly better than everybody else in the field on a level above the others way out ahead of the ... Read on
bang head against wall
bang head against wall Synonyms | Variants bang head against a brick wall hit head against a brick wall beat head against a brick wall Meaning to be ... Read on
memory like a sieve
memory like a sieve Meaning poor memory a very bad memory refers to someone who forgets things a lot everything drops through the memory as if it were ... Read on
like father like son
like father like son Meaning the man/boy being talked about is very much like/exactly like his father  the son “has taken after his father” the son has grown ... Read on
if it’s the last thing I do
if it’s the last thing I do Meaning indicates determination to achieve something used after a statement of intent to do something … and I’m absolutely going to ... Read on
not the sharpest tool in the shed
not the sharpest tool in the shed Meaning someone who is not very clever, according to others not very intelligent a bit slow slightly (or a lot) behind ... Read on
a trip to the sun
a trip to the sun Meaning something which is very unlikely some task or activity or anything which is impossible to achieve something which is never going to ... Read on
touch off
touch off Meaning to ignite a thought to make someone angry by inciting a thought to excite someone to gather traction on a thought or action to brush ... Read on

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blow cover
blow cover Meaning to reveal the true identity to put a damper on someone’s plan to conceal something to reveal a secret inadvertently give away one’s secret identity. ... Read on


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