Idioms beginning with W

wine and dine
wine and dine Meaning to treat somebody (usually a woman) to wine and dinner; take someone out to dinner at a luxury restaurant; to have a scrumptious meal; ... Read on
way around
way around Meaning to find an alternative for something, someone or to perform a task to find a solution another way to do something Example Sentences The way ... Read on
walk out on
walk out on Meaning end a relationship with someone suddenly leave someone with whom you have a romantic relationship to abandon someone leave your spouse and end the ... Read on
wear heart on sleeve
wear your heart on your sleeve Meaning display your emotions openly make your feelings apparent and obvious openly reveal your feelings and emotions unable to hide your emotions ... Read on
whet one’s appetite
whet one’s appetite Meaning A stimulation that causes you to want additional of something, mostly food. A reason which increases your interest in something. Example Sentences You have ... Read on
wear off, out
wear off or wear out Meaning Something that deteriorates or changes by wearing Something that diminishes slowly due to washing, getting scrapped and rubbed. A garment that can ... Read on
well read
well read Meaning Well-educated and learned. A literate person who has studied and read a lot. Example Sentences She is well read does not mean that she can ... Read on
water under the bridge
water under the bridge also water over the dam Meaning: past events that are not important anymore something that has happened and cannot be changed, hence, not important past occurrence that ... Read on
wouldn’t be caught dead
wouldn’t be caught dead also wouldn’t be seen dead Meaning: dislike something very much would never do something, usually due to dislike or because it is very embarrassing would rather ... Read on
whole nine yards
whole nine yards Meaning: everything, all of something in its entirety, all of it the whole of something, full measure everything that is possible Example: She is the ... Read on

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Idiom of the Day

when it rains, it pours
when it rains, it pours also, it never rains but it pours Meaning to have a good or bad news enlarged by circumstances something good or bad occurring ... Read on


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