Idioms related to Time

strike while the iron is hot
strike while the iron is hot Meaning to take advantage of a situation to make the most of a heated situation to get benefit from an existing condition ... Read on
there’s no time like the present
there’s no time like the present Meaning right now is the best time asks to do something right away advice to make the most of today Example Sentences ... Read on
a watched pot never boils
a watched pot never boils Meaning if you wait for something to happen it takes longer time slows down when one is waiting for something to get done ... Read on
in the meantime
in the meantime Meaning | Definition simultaneously as something else happens or takes place at ‘that’ time when something else is happening to do something while waiting for ... Read on
time and again
time and again also time and time again Meaning | Definition to be repeated very often to happen again and again over and over again Example Sentences The ... Read on
third time’s a charm
third time’s a charm Meaning to say that when a person tries to do something, it works out at the third attempt uses to inspire someone for third ... Read on
race against time
race against time Meaning effort to do something as soon as possible to be in a situation where the time is short and the task pending is not ... Read on
kill time
kill time Meaning to wait for something by doing something or nothing to use time pass the time Example Sentences The team was killing time at the stadium ... Read on
quality time
quality time Meaning Time that is spent in good company. Well spent time. Time spent in providing attention to someone who otherwise feels neglected. Example Sentences It had ... Read on
drastic times call for drastic measures
drastic times call for drastic measures also desperate times call for desperate measures Meaning: extreme circumstances can only be resolved by equally extreme actions in difficult situations, it is necessary to ... Read on

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cut corners
cut corners Meaning: economize on time, money, materials or effort, perhaps unwisely. Example: It is certainly not a sensible move to cut corners with national security.


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