the best of both worlds

the best of both worlds


  • to enjoy somethings that are opposite in nature by concealing involvement in one or both
  • to be a part of things that are very different to each other through their inherent nature

Example Sentences

  1. The guy had the best of both worlds until his wife found out about how he was cheating on her.
  2. I have never had the best of both worlds since my mom and dad separated.
  3. She likes to have the best of both worlds whether it is to go for parties or have a religious ceremony conducted in her home.
  4. Whether on vacation or at home, my dad always had the best of both worlds.
  5. I am so jealous that she gets the best of both worlds. She keeps eating and never gets fat!


The origin has religious undertones which refers to two worlds, that is life and after life. These are contrasting ideas and to have the best in both worlds meant that the person in question is truly successful. The biblical reference provides a man who does good deeds for others while alive gets to enjoy the fruits in heaven, thus getting the best of both worlds.

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