take breath away

take breath away


  • astonish; surprise; amaze or astound somebody
  • to cause someone to be out of breath because of shock or surprise
  • to be breathless because of doing heavy exercise
  • to cause an overwhelming feeling in someone due to something (grandeur, beauty, etc.)

Example Sentences

  1. The ring literally took my breath away. There was a monster of a diamond on it.
  2. The view took my breath away. Top of the mountains have always been my favourite places ever since.
  3. The hotel interior will take your breath away. It is everything that a castle should be actually.
  4. The beauty of the Swedish princess takes people’s breath away.
  5. Every time my wife walks into the room she takes my breath away. I keep falling in love with her over and over again.
  6. The moon is taking my breath away, it has never looked so big in my life!
  7. The painting is so beautiful that it took my breath away.
  8. The beauty of the princess Diana of Great Britain took my breath away.
  9. My wife looked so pretty on our wedding day that she took my breath away. She has been keeping it up ever since.


The phrase originates from the literal panting of a person when they show breathlessness due to the surprise of seeing something magnificent. Usually used when there is a surprise about the magnificence being expressed.

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