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tight-lipped Meaning unwilling to speak about an event a physical sign of suppressed emotion leading to the person not wanting to speak to press the lips together in ... Read on
the eleventh hour
the eleventh hour Meaning at the very last minute before an event the latest moment possible, before it is too late Example Sentences Just minutes before the deadline, ... Read on
that’s the way the cookie crumbles
that’s the way the cookie crumbles Meaning no matter how unfair the situation is, it must be accepted to accept something or a situation fully to be able ... Read on
take a hike
take a hike Meaning go away get lost leave get out a rude/slang way of saying I/we don’t want you around you’re not wanted here your presence is ... Read on
tear-jerking also, tear-jerker Meaning a story that is purposefully sentimental something that evokes sadness typically a film or a song that makes people sad or sympathetic Example Sentences ... Read on
the last thing I want
the last thing I want Meaning I don’t want I especially don’t want or didn’t want used to emphasise to someone else that even if something bad is ... Read on
touch off
touch off Meaning to ignite a thought to make someone angry by inciting a thought to excite someone to gather traction on a thought or action to brush ... Read on
time flies
time flies also, how time flies Meaning for a particular phase in life to seem shorter than it really was to feel like the good part of life ... Read on
the tip of the iceberg
the tip of the iceberg Meaning to only know a very small part of the problem to not have the full scope of an issue to underestimate a ... Read on
too many cooks spoil the broth
too many cooks spoil the broth also, too many cooks spoil the soup Meaning to mean that something does not go well when there are too many ways ... Read on

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cloak and dagger
cloak and dagger Meaning: of or characteristic of the activities of spies and undercover agents. Example: Do we need to go for cloak-and-dagger way? Why can’t we just ... Read on


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