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the best of both worlds
the best of both worlds Meaning to enjoy somethings that are opposite in nature by concealing involvement in one or both to be a part of things that ... Read on
the bigger they are the harder they fall
the bigger they are the harder they fall Meaning to fail according to the size of the venture more powerful people suffer more when defeated Example Sentences The ... Read on
the last straw
the last straw Meaning to be the last in a sequence of unpleasant things to be the last tolerable thing after which something cannot be accepted Example Sentences ... Read on
third time’s a charm
third time’s a charm Meaning to say that when a person tries to do something, it works out at the third attempt uses to inspire someone for third ... Read on
twenty-three skidoo
twenty-three skidoo Meaning to depart in a haste to leave quickly or being forced to leave quickly to get out while things are still good Example Sentences The ... Read on
take breath away
take breath away Meaning astonish; surprise; amaze or astound somebody to cause someone to be out of breath because of shock or surprise to be breathless because of ... Read on
toss-up Meaning a situation where the result is unclear and can go either way a situation where two or more possibilities are equally likely an unpredictable situation where ... Read on
the course of true love never did run smooth
the course of true love never did run smooth Meaning people in love often have to overcome difficulties in order to be with each other true love always ... Read on
those three little words
those three little words Meaning the three words “I love you” Example Sentences It is obvious that Steve really loves Sarah, but she told me that he has ... Read on
tie the knot
tie the knot Meaning to get married Example Sentences They have been dating each other for quite some time now and are planning to tie the knot a ... Read on

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frighten or scare to death
frighten or scare to death Meaning: make somebody feel very frightened. Example: A shadow appeared in the doorway and scared me to death.


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