sit on the fence

sit on the fence


  • delay or avoid making a decision or choice
  • not take sides in a dispute
  • not to commit oneself
  • avoid siding with one of two possibilities
  • undecided about something
  • remain neutral when a decision or choice is required


  1. Has he decided which offer he is going to accept or is he still sitting on the fence?
  2. You can’t sit on the fence any longer, you need to make up your mind.
  3. Instead of sitting on the fence, why don’t you list out the pros and cons so that you can reach a decision.
  4. It would be good if you stop sitting on the fence and choose whose side you are on.
  5. He did not want to say no to either of them, so he was just sitting on the fence.
  6. She did not know whether to say yes or no to the proposal, she was sitting on the fence.
  7. When two heavyweights have an argument, its best to sit on the fence and not make either of the turn against you.
  8. I was surprised when he came up with a decision, he usually just sits on the fence.

The origin of this phrase has its roots in Middle English, but has been in popular use since the 1800s.

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