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strike while the iron is hot
strike while the iron is hot Meaning to take advantage of a situation to make the most of a heated situation to get benefit from an existing condition ... Read on
status quo
status quo Meaning | Definition the existing condition the current status of affairs, particularly about political or social matters the normal condition with regards to social and political ... Read on
stack the deck
stack the deck Meaning | Definition to be against someone or something to arrange something in a manner that either someone will gain a wrong disadvantage or a ... Read on
strive to do
strive to do Meaning to try very hard to achieve to be doing something meticulously in order to achieve good results to dedicate tough efforts to do something ... Read on
suited and booted
suited and booted Meaning formally dressed; well dressed to get ready for something important and big to wear the best clothes in order to attend an important function ... Read on
saved by the bell
saved by the bell Meaning to be saved from losing because there is a signal of the event coming to an end to be spared from a troublesome ... Read on
scapegoat Meaning to be made to suffer or bear the punishment for someone else Example Sentences The fellow has always been a scapegoat since he is the youngest ... Read on
scot-free Meaning to be rid of all the blame (of something or incident) to be totally free from harm or punishment, obligation or restraint Example Sentences The person ... Read on
sitting shotgun
sitting shotgun Meaning to provide active aid to someone to provide an armed response or protection to be guarding something (usually vehicles) by being present up-front Example Sentences ... Read on
sixth sense
sixth sense Meaning to have an intuition about something to have an additional sense beyond see, hear, smell, taste and touch which warns a person about dangers and ... Read on

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tar with the same brush
tar with the same brush Meaning: to think that somebody has the same bad qualities as others in a similar surrounding to characterize someone with the same undesirable ... Read on


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