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stay up
stay up Meaning not go to sleep to remain awake late into the night to be awake past the time you were meant to go to sleep or ... Read on
speak too soon
speak too soon Meaning to say something with the belief that it will be right and then it is later found out to be untrue to make an ... Read on
shades of grey
shades of grey Meaning refers to a situation where things are not really clear when things are vague or have very sketchy details a state of uncertainty where ... Read on
shed light
shed light Meaning to explain something in order to make it easier to understand to provide unknown information about something in order for people to have a better ... Read on
stiff upper lip
keep a stiff upper lip Meaning to be brave in the face of adversity to keep your emotions in control and not show when you are upset to ... Read on
spine-tingling Meaning to be very horrific to bring a tingling effect to the spine because of how scary something is to be very scared of something Example Sentences ... Read on
still waters run deep
still waters run deep Meaning to have passion or furore underneath a calm expression a placid exterior covering a something that can be dangerous external calm does not ... Read on
strike while the iron is hot
strike while the iron is hot Meaning to take advantage of a situation to make the most of a heated situation to get benefit from an existing condition ... Read on
status quo
status quo Meaning | Definition the existing condition the current status of affairs, particularly about political or social matters the normal condition with regards to social and political ... Read on
stack the deck
stack the deck Meaning | Definition to be against someone or something to arrange something in a manner that either someone will gain a wrong disadvantage or a ... Read on

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add fuel to the flames
add fuel to the flames Meaning: an action, whether verbal or physical that makes a bad situation even worse cause circumstances or dispute to become further excessive Synonym: ... Read on


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