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start from scratch
start from scratch Meaning to start doing something over from the beginning to begin something from nothing restart Example Sentences The class has started the lesson from scratch ... Read on
self-made man
self-made man Meaning someone who achieves the success with his own hark work to come up the social, economic or financial ladder by one’s self, without asking for ... Read on
stop by
stop by Meaning to meet someone or go somewhere in a brief and informal manner to be on a very short visit Example Sentences The gardener stopped by ... Read on
surgical strike
surgical strike Meaning to cause injury or damage to the intended targets it is a military attack that takes place with surgical precision and is extremely target oriented ... Read on
salad days
salad days Meaning the time of youth, innocence and inexperience the time in life when a person is young and has little experience a period of youthful inexperience ... Read on
sealed with a kiss
sealed with a kiss also sealed with a loving kiss, SWAK or SWALK (acronym) Meaning written and sent with love and care Example Sentences When Ted and Judy were living apart ... Read on
break up | split up
break up also split up Meaning end a romantic relationship with someone end of a marriage or relationship to become separated after being in a marriage or relationship Example ... Read on
stormy relationship
have a stormy relationship Meaning a relationship with many disagreements a relationship with frequent quarrels a relationship with a lot of arguments and shouting an unpredictable but sometimes passionate ... Read on
smitten with
smitten with also smitten by Meaning suddenly start to like or love someone very much affected by love infatuated with someone in love with someone obsessed with someone ... Read on
save face
save face Meaning To be able to hide public disgrace by taking some action. To be able to correct an action that could have caused embarrassment. Example Sentences ... Read on

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as soon as
as soon as Meaning: when, just after something. Example: He get the auto-rickshaw as soon as he reached to the bus stop.


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