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rags to riches
rags to riches Meaning go from being very poor to being very wealthy be very poor in the beginning then later become very rich go from poverty to ... Read on
red letter day
red letter day Meaning a day of significance an important occasion, festival or holiday a birthday, anniversary or a day of remembrance a memorable day a special occasion ... Read on
ring a bell
ring a bell Meaning something that sounds familiar makes someone remember something indistinctly to awaken a vague or indistinct memory recall something experienced previously Example Sentences That name rings ... Read on
rule of thumb
rule of thumb Meaning: a principle that is kept to a guide that is based on practice rather than theory a general principle that comes through experience and ... Read on
running on fumes
running on fumes Meaning: to continue doing something even when you have no energy left to operate with low resources or money to stay awake even when you ... Read on
read the riot act
read the riot act Meaning: warning someone by scolding them to improve their behavior giving a strong warning to someone to stop behaving badly Example: She’d been bearing ... Read on
ray of sunshine
ray of sunshine Meaning: someone or something that brings hope into the lives of others A person who brings joy to others especially during times of difficulty Example: ... Read on
rack your brains
rack your brains Meaning: put great effort to think of or remember something thinking about something vigorously thus stretching one’s brains struggling hard trying to remember something Example: ... Read on
a rough diamond
a rough diamond or a diamond in the rough Meaning: – a person of exceptional character – a person with great potential but lacking polish and refinement – ... Read on
rain cats and dogs
rain cats and dogs Meaning too much heavy rain; torrential rain; very heavily raining; raining tremendously. Example Sentences It was raining cats and dogs so all flights were ... Read on

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Idiom of the Day

as well
as well Meaning to be in addition to (something) to be in continuation with something it is a replacement, at times, for the conjunction ‘and’ or the word ... Read on


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