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rack your brains
rack your brains Meaning: put great effort to think of or remember something thinking about something vigorously thus stretching one’s brains struggling hard trying to remember something Example: ... Read on
a rough diamond
a rough diamond or a diamond in the rough Meaning: – a person of exceptional character – a person with great potential but lacking polish and refinement – ... Read on
rain cats and dogs
rain cats and dogs Meaning too much heavy rain; torrential rain; very heavily raining; raining tremendously. Example Sentences It was raining cats and dogs so all flights were ... Read on
round the clock
round the clock meaning continuously or interrupted lasting through the day all day and night all hours of the day usually used as a reference of something being ... Read on
recharge the batteries
recharge the batteries Meaning: take a break or holiday to relax and regain one’s vim and vigour. Example: Two week away would give you time to rest and ... Read on
rock the boat
rock the boat Meaning: do or say something causes problem. Example: The government asked the Prime Minister not to take firm action on protesters as it certainly doesn’t want anything ... Read on
run amok (amuck)
run amok also run amuck Meaning act in a wild or dangerous manner go in a frenzy be out of control behave in an unrestrained or unruly manner ... Read on

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on the ball
on the ball Meaning: knowledgeable and competent alert, in command of senses, attentive understands the situation well quick to understand and react to a situation Example: He was right ... Read on


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