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prick ears up
prick ears up also prick up ears Meaning listen carefully begin to listen attentively become very alert and start listening start to listen with full attention Example Sentences She ... Read on
pig in a poke
pig in a poke Meaning something that is bought without examining properly an offer or deal that is accepted without properly evaluating it first buying something without looking ... Read on
pedal to the metal
pedal to the metal Meaning do something at full speed push something forward as fast and as hard as possible put in maximum effort to do something make ... Read on
pop the question
pop the question Meaning propose marriage to someone to ask your romantic partner to marry you ask someone to marry you Example Sentences I heard you had a ... Read on
puppy love
puppy love Meaning a mild infatuation, or a crush a shallow but intense romantic attachment, usually associated with adolescents temporary infatuation of a teenager romantic love felt by ... Read on
pin money
pin money Meaning A small amount. In the olden times it was used to describe the money given to women to buy clothing for herself. A small sum ... Read on
paddle own canoe
paddle your own canoe Meaning To be able to act without having to depend on anyone. Decide your own fortune. Go in your own direction. Self-reliance. Example Sentences ... Read on
pitch in
pitch in Meaning join in and help with something join forces with others contribute something towards a common endeavour do something helpful as part of a group Example ... Read on
pull leg
pull someone’s leg or leg pulling Meaning: tease someone joking around deceive in a playful, harmless way fool or trick someone in a humorous way Example: Don’t worry ... Read on
when pigs fly
when pigs fly or pigs might fly or flying pig Meaning: something that will never happen impossible highly unlikely to happen Example Sentences: Her crazy mother said that being ... Read on

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as soon as
as soon as Meaning: when, just after something. Example: He get the auto-rickshaw as soon as he reached to the bus stop.


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