Idioms beginning with O

out on the town
out on the town Meaning go out and enjoy yourself at one or more places in the town go out for entertainment or celebration go to pubs, bars, ... Read on
on the same page
on the same page Meaning everyone in agreement multiple people having the same understanding having the same information or knowledge thinking in the same way Example Sentences Before ... Read on
on pins and needles
on pins and needles Meaning being anxious or nervous agitated, or in suspense in a worried or excited state to be tense waiting nervously for something Example Sentences ... Read on
off the record
off the record Meaning an informal or unofficial statement comments or statements made in confidence and not to be published or recorded a statement not to be attributed ... Read on
off the hook
off the hook Meaning free of a difficult situation let off from blame or trouble no longer have to deal with unpleasant circumstances escape or released from a ... Read on
off on the wrong foot
off on the wrong foot Meaning off to a bad start begin something incorrectly begin badly start off something in a way that is likely to fail Example ... Read on
one cannot love and be wise
one cannot love and be wise Meaning people often do foolish things when they are in love people often fall in love with a person they are not ... Read on
one stop shop
one stop shop Meaning a store that fulfills various requirements which is preferable by customers it is usually a place of business that offers many services and products ... Read on
on the rocks
on the rocks Meaning likely to fail because of serious problems in a state of difficulty, destruction or ruin a relationship having problems and likely to end soon ... Read on
old hat
old hat Meaning Someone who is old fashioned. The phrase can directly refer to old fashion too. Hackneyed, cliched or worn out. Example Sentences Ask that old hat ... Read on

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clean slate
a clean slate Meaning to wipe the past out and begin afresh to be ready to make a fresh beginning to be ready to be moulded as per ... Read on


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