Idioms beginning with M

mumbo jumbo
mumbo jumbo Meaning Something that does not make sense. A speech which was meaningless. A religious ritual that is outdated and/or considered frivolous. Example Sentences I do not believe ... Read on
man’s best friend
man’s best friend Meaning It refers to animals that are of use to human beings, mostly used to address dogs. Loyalty and valuable services that dogs provide to ... Read on
miss the boat
miss the boat also miss the bus Meaning: miss a chance being too slow to take advantage of an opportunity to lose an opportunity by being slow to ... Read on
method to madness
method to madness also method in madness Meaning: a purpose in doing something that is seemingly crazy there’s a reason for someone’s strange behavior there’s a plan behind ... Read on
make a long story short
make a long story short also cut a long story short or long story short Meaning: abbreviate a long explanation into a short one get to the point give ... Read on
make a virtue of necessity
make a virtue of necessity Meaning: extract something beneficial from an unwelcome obligation to shift the important deeds or act into a positive or useful experience to use ... Read on
monkey business
monkey business Meaning: silly act dishonest tricks to fool around immoral or a deceitful conduct illegal activities Example: I want to sleep. Stop disturbing me by your monkey ... Read on
make all the difference
make all the difference Meaning: have a very good effect on a thing or a situation. Example: Working with a nice bunch of people can make all the ... Read on
make common cause with
make common cause with Meaning: work together in order to achieve something that both groups want. Example: Environment protesters have made common cause with local people to stop ... Read on
make a clean breast
make a clean breast Meaning: confess completely. Example: While wedged stealing in Super Market, Robert Daniel decided to make a clean breast of it to the owner of ... Read on

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when it rains, it pours
when it rains, it pours also, it never rains but it pours Meaning to have a good or bad news enlarged by circumstances something good or bad occurring ... Read on


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