Idioms beginning with M

make a long story short
make a long story short also cut a long story short or long story short Meaning: abbreviate a long explanation into a short one get to the point give ... Read on
make a virtue of necessity
make a virtue of necessity Meaning: extract something beneficial from an unwelcome obligation to shift the important deeds or act into a positive or useful experience to use ... Read on
monkey business
monkey business Meaning: silly act dishonest tricks to fool around immoral or a deceitful conduct illegal activities Example: I want to sleep. Stop disturbing me by your monkey ... Read on
make all the difference
make all the difference Meaning: have a very good effect on a thing or a situation. Example: Working with a nice bunch of people can make all the ... Read on
make common cause with
make common cause with Meaning: work together in order to achieve something that both groups want. Example: Environment protesters have made common cause with local people to stop ... Read on
make a clean breast
make a clean breast Meaning: confess completely. Example: While wedged stealing in Super Market, Robert Daniel decided to make a clean breast of it to the owner of ... Read on
make it big
make it big Meaning become very successful or famous to be extremely successful financially to flourish in life and become prominent used to express admiration for other’s success ... Read on
mean business
mean business Meaning to be focused about achieving a goal to take a serious action or intend to do something very seriously in the very earnest way usually ... Read on
make a fast, (or quick) buck
make a fast (or quick) buck Meaning: earn money quickly and often in a way that is not honest or normal. Example: When Indians go foreign countries like ... Read on
make no bones about
make no bones about Meaning: be open and frank about something. Example: He made no bones about his dissatisfaction with the teaching in the school.

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Idiom of the Day

as well
as well Meaning to be in addition to (something) to be in continuation with something it is a replacement, at times, for the conjunction ‘and’ or the word ... Read on


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