lend me your ear

lend me your ear

also lend an ear


  • ask for someone’s full attention
  • listen to someone carefully
  • pay attention to what someone is saying
  • listen to someone with understanding

Example Sentences

  1. Lend me your ear and I will tell you about my adventures in the mountains.
  2. Lend an ear to what I am saying; you might need to know all this when you start working on your project.
  3. When she was going through tough times, he lent a sympathetic ear to her troubles.
  4. Stuart lent an ear to the representatives of the worker’s body to understand their problems.
  5. Could you please lend me your ear for a minute? I need to tell you something really important.
  6. What I am going to say next is very important for your future with this company. I ask all of you to please lend me your ears for the next few minutes.
  7. Tracey was a very nice and caring person and would always lend an ear to everyone’s problems.
  8. Lend me an ear, will you? I need to make sure that you understand what I am saying.

The phrase is first used in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, where Mark Anthony says “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears”.

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