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Kangaroo court
Kangaroo court Meaning It refers to a court that passes judgement but is not a valid court. an unauthorized court a bogus court Example Sentences The Kangaroo court ... Read on
kick the bucket
kick the bucket Meaning: to die Example: Have you heard? The old man down the street has kicked the bucket. All the fish in my aquarium kicked the ... Read on
keep an eye on
keep an eye on Meaning: keep a watch on something or someone closely monitor something or someone mind, give attention to watch carefully, supervise Example: Keep an eye ... Read on
kill two birds with one stone
kill two birds with one stone Meaning accomplish two different things at the same time solve two problems with one single action achieve two things with a single ... Read on
keep your chin up
keep your chin up Meaning be stalwart and courageous in a tough situation remain brave and keep on trying a confident appearance under emotional stress to uphold a ... Read on
keep own counsel
keep own counsel Meaning: say little or nothing about one’s opinions or intentions. Example: Our boss is notorious for keeping his own counsel; you never know what he ... Read on
keep fingers crossed
keep fingers crossed Meaning: hope that things will happen in the way you want them to. Example: I’m keep my fingers crossed that my husband clears the written ... Read on
keep card close to chest
keep card close to chest Meaning: be secretive or cautious, give nothing away. Example: My brother don’t know how much money his friends will spend this Friday night, ... Read on
know on which side bread is buttered
know on which side bread is buttered Meaning: know what is to one’s advantage. Example: She’s far too clever to irritate her employer as she knows which side ... Read on
hand or keep at bay
hand or keep at bay Meaning: prevent something or somebody unpleasant from coming too near to one or harming one. Example: The area was hit by a serious ... Read on

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as nice as ninepence
as nice as ninepence Meaning A place that is very well organized. Neat and tidy looking. In good order and neat. Example Sentences I was taken aback when ... Read on


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