in black and white

in black and white
Meaning: formally, on paper and in writing.
Example: He asked his old mother not to worry as the terms of the hand agreement were spelled out in black and white.

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AuthorVanshika writes on 4th October 2017

I loved these example. Now I will only search idioms from only.

AuthorVanshika writes on 4th October 2017

Thank you for the examples. I was confused in black and blue and black and white.

AuthorDurr E Nayyab writes on 3rd September 2017

I leave my comment for someone ‘Man in Black’ then he gave me answer No ‘Black in White’.
I can’t understand his meaning ‘Black in White’ can you help me what it means?

AuthorShella writes on 27th July 2017

Good examples for identification of this idiom.

AuthorAfie writes on 18th March 2017

Thanks for meaning and sentence

AuthorDurga Thakur writes on 11th July 2016

Thanks for the meaning and good example.

AuthorAnwer Anu writes on 8th July 2016

Thanks for the good example.

AuthorDurga Thakur writes on 11th July 2016

You are right, it’s a good example.

AuthorBarbie writes on 15th April 2016

Sometimes, learning English is too complicated, when you face such types of idioms. The meaning of “in black and white” is very different from it’s literal meaning.

I wish this example was correct.
Hey, I have got visa to visit Canada you can check it in those black and white.

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