head over heels

head over heels

also head over heels in love / fall head over heels for someone


  • fall deeply and completely in love, especially suddenly
  • madly in love
  • be very much in love with someone

Example Sentences

  1. Tom and Mary are head over heels in love with each other and are going to get married next month.
  2. He met her through a dating website and fell head over heels for her.
  3. She fell head over heels in love with her tennis coach and they have decided to get married soon.
  4. A new receptionist was hired at the workplace and my friend fell head over heels for her. She was very attractive and had a great sense of humour.
  5. She and her husband make an amazing couple. They are head over heels in love and are very supportive of each other.
  6. Susan and Jeff used to work together and spent a lot of time with each other. It was a matter of time before they fell head over heels in love.

This phrase has reference to people actually falling. The inverted form of this phrase “heels over head” was used to describe a bad fall. The idiom changed to “head over heels” around the late 1700s and came to be associated with falling in love.

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