get cold feet

get cold feet
Meaning: suddenly become too frightened to do something one had planned to do.
Example: He got cold feet when heard the news of his transfer to remote area of the country which is hundreds of miles from his home town.

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AuthorAustin writes on 24th October 2017

I get a cold feet when its winter 😅😂

AuthorSolowise King Eboh writes on 21st September 2017

I never get cold feet about doing anything. I’m always ready

AuthorAmit writes on 2nd September 2017

I have a cold feet when I have to stand in the front of public to say something or to discuss something.

AuthorJulee writes on 4th July 2017

I get cold feet when I have to deliver a speech in front of a large mob.

AuthorAaliyah writes on 27th April 2017

I get cold feet when i have to present something at school.

AuthorAzi writes on 14th December 2016

I got cold feet when I want to speak in public.

AuthorKaboom writes on 4th March 2016

I always get cold feet when I’m about to get on a big roller coaster.

AuthorIsis writes on 22nd November 2015

1.- This morning, Melanie wanted to ask her boss for some days off but she got cold feet and didn’t do it because she saw that her boss was in a bad mood.

2.- My friend got cold feet and decided not to do a bungee jump.

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