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go after
go after Meaning to catch up to someone after they have gone to chase or pursue something or someone with the intention of catching up to them or ... Read on
grass is always greener on the other side
grass is always greener on the other side Meaning to think that other’s part is better than mine to believe that someone else’s life is better their own ... Read on
God helps those who help themselves
God helps those who help themselves Meaning to be able to come out of a bad situation by self-help rather than hoping for divine intervention to be able ... Read on
get under skin
get under skin Meaning | Definition to be irritating to bother a person to annoy someone to cause an affect that is not only strong but also one ... Read on
glass ceiling
glass ceiling Meaning an unseen (glass) barrier for women and people who belong to minority groups in climbing up the corporate, political or the ladder of success regardless ... Read on
going to hell in a handbasket
going to hell in a handbasket Meaning in extremely bad state and becoming worse headed for complete disaster deteriorating rapidly Example Sentences With corruption and malpractices everywhere, the ... Read on
gut feeling
gut feeling Meaning a personal, intuitive feeling an instinctive feeling, without any logical rationale an intuition about something a feeling based on sixth sense, not on facts a ... Read on
great minds think alike
great minds think alike Meaning Thoughts of very intelligent people are similar to each other Intelligent people come up with the same ideas at the same time. Used playfully ... Read on
good Samaritan
good Samaritan Meaning someone who tries to help people in trouble or need a compassionate person who helps others unselfishly a person who helps others without any thoughts ... Read on
go out on a limb
go out on a limb Meaning do or say something that is different from most other people get into a position where you are not supported by others ... Read on

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carry out
carry out Meaning: put something into action, to accomplish something, to do something. Example: The scientist wanted to carry out several experiments before announcing the sending of human ... Read on


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