fancy free

fancy free


  • something or someone who has no commitments or ties
  • to do something as you please.
  • having no social responsibilities.

Example Sentences

  1. Until the time his father was around to take care of him he was footloose and fancy free. Now things are very different.
  2. The teacher in this class lets no student be fancy free. She has a schedule for the entire year made already and follows it very strictly.
  3. I was fancy free until the time I got married.
  4. It must be nice to have a fancy free I have had no such luck so far.
  5. You can’t run fancy free when you have to take care of a business.
  6. Our parents never let us be fancy free. We were always given responsibilities even if they were small in nature.
  7. You are a professional, you can’t run fancy free and take a vacation since you have clients to respond to.
  8. Kids are meant to be fancy free, mine are no exceptions.

Shakespeare used this phrase in his work ‘Midsummer nights dream’ in the year 1598. In the 1900’s the phrase is extended and read as ‘footloose and fancy free’.

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