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eat like a horse
eat like a horse Meaning to eat a lot to have a very healthy appetite to eat voraciously, greedily, quickly, hungrily, maybe even savagely to devour food like ... Read on
every nook and cranny
every nook and cranny Meaning | Definition to look for something everywhere to search in every place to search within the smallest parts also  Example Sentences The lawyers ... Read on
within earshot
within earshot Meaning | Definition to be close by to be able to hear something or someone to be trying to hear someone Example Sentences The police was ... Read on
everything but the kitchen sink
everything but the kitchen sink Meaning almost everything that one can think of everything imaginable a very large number of things, whether needed or not much more than ... Read on
end of story
end of story Meaning there is  nothing more to add to the matter under discussion the discussion is complete, nothing more to be said said to emphasize that ... Read on
every picture tells a story
every picture tells a story Meaning scene of happening that explains hidden reality face or expressions that tells the truth or story the idea of story as seen in any ... Read on
eat humble pie
eat humble pie Meaning To become very humble in behaviour when someone points out a wrong doing by the person. To admit an error and become submissive and ... Read on
every cloud has a silver lining
every cloud has a silver lining Meaning there is something good in everything that’s bad every negative occurrence has a positive aspect to it every difficult or unpleasant situation ... Read on
early days
it’s early days yet Meaning: it is too soon to make a judgment about something a time too soon to come to a conclusion the starting phase of ... Read on
easy come, easy go
easy come, easy go Meaning: readily won and readily lost. Example: Easy come, easy go, that’s how it is for her when she invest in the share market.

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carry out
carry out Meaning: put something into action, to accomplish something, to do something. Example: The scientist wanted to carry out several experiments before announcing the sending of human ... Read on


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