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love me, love my dog
love me, love my dog Meaning | Definition to accept someone unconditionally to love despite faults to accept everything about someone to be willing to accept someone wholeheartedly, ... Read on
wag the dog
wag the dog Meaning to divert attention from something that is bad to change the topic from something that is more important to something that is not to ... Read on
all bark and no bite
all bark and no bite Meaning threatening, aggressive, but not willing to engage in a fight full of talk, but low on action talk that is more impressive ... Read on
dog days
dog days Meaning hot, sultry days hottest days of summer Example Sentences During the dog days of summer, people prefer to remain indoors and go out as little ... Read on
puppy love
puppy love Meaning a mild infatuation, or a crush a shallow but intense romantic attachment, usually associated with adolescents temporary infatuation of a teenager romantic love felt by ... Read on
sick as a dog
as sick as a dog Meaning To be very sick. The phrase refers to being in a state that is very unpleasant. Example Sentences You should not go ... Read on
man’s best friend
man’s best friend Meaning It refers to animals that are of use to human beings, mostly used to address dogs. Loyalty and valuable services that dogs provide to ... Read on
let sleeping dogs lie
let sleeping dogs lie Meaning: its best to leave a situation as it is if disturbing it might cause trouble do not instigate trouble by disturbing a situation ... Read on
go to the dogs
go to the dogs Meanings: – something is becoming worse than it normally was – to become worse in quality or character – becoming very less successful than ... Read on
dog tired
dog tired Meanings: – very tired, exhausted – extremely weary, totally drained. Examples: 1. Carl usually got home at around 5 o’clock, dog tired after overtime on the ... Read on

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add fuel to the flames
add fuel to the flames Meaning: an action, whether verbal or physical that makes a bad situation even worse cause circumstances or dispute to become further excessive Synonym: ... Read on


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