dog days

dog days


  • hot, sultry days
  • hottest days of summer

Example Sentences

  1. During the dog days of summer, people prefer to remain indoors and go out as little as possible.
  2. The village lies in the hottest part of the country and during the dog days of summer, the little stream that runs through it dries up completely.
  3. The dog days of summer are a difficult period for those who have to work out in the open.
  4. It is advisable to drink lots of water and eat food that cools you down during the dog days of summer.
  5. We don’t expect much of the repair work to be done during the dog days of summer.
  6. During the dog days of summer, I always plan a long vacation to the cooler climes of the mountains.
  7. Once, we had gone on a hike during the dog days of summer. It was a tough task, but it tested our endurance to the limit.

This phrase originated from the belief of early Romans, Greeks or Egyptians that the hot summer days were caused by the Earth’s proximity to the dog star Sirius during the summer months. The Romans referred to the late summer period as dies caniculares, meaning dog star days.

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