Idioms beginning with C

come hell or high water
come hell or high water Meaning come what may any difficulties or obstacles that may occur no matter what happens no matter how difficult it is Example Sentences ... Read on
close, but no cigar
close, but no cigar Meaning be very close to accomplishing a goal but fall short almost successful in doing something, but not quite fall just short of a ... Read on
chow down
chow down Meaning to eat something, usually quickly or vigorously eat greedily or without good manners eat heartily sit down to eat Example Sentences Is the food ready ... Read on
can’t stand the sight of
can’t stand the sight of Meaning to hate someone very much to strongly dislike someone cannot tolerate someone be unable to put up with someone Example Sentences After ... Read on
cupboard love
cupboard love Meaning affection given in order to gain a reward love shown by someone in order to get what they want love given in order to get ... Read on
chew the fat
chew the fat Meaning to have friendly banter for hours on end a long and informal conversation with someone to gossip with friends at leisure Example Sentences I’ve been ... Read on
catch eye
catch eye Meaning be noticed by someone attract someone’s attention make eye contact with someone to get someone’s attention by looking at them Example Sentences While we were ... Read on
class clown
class clown Meaning A wiseacre. Someone who stands out in a class because he makes constant jokes and pokes fun at people. A student who is funny and ... Read on
clam up
clam up Meaning refusal to talk further or reply to not give out any information to close down when danger is sensed Example Sentences She clams up every ... Read on
call of the wild
the call of the wild Meaning It talks about nature appealing to a person. Raw emotions, mostly volatile in nature are represented through this phrase. It is referred ... Read on

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Idiom of the Day

as well
as well Meaning to be in addition to (something) to be in continuation with something it is a replacement, at times, for the conjunction ‘and’ or the word ... Read on


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