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cold hearted
cold hearted Meaning | Definition very cruel, unkind person to lack warmth and affection the phenomenon of being rude or indifferent towards things to not care about something ... Read on
come down with
come down with Meaning | Definition to have (usually a disease) start to suffer from a particular sickness fall ill with can be used literally too Example Sentences ... Read on
concern with
concern with Meaning | Definition to be busy with something involved with to make someone busy with something to block thoughts with something to be preoccupied with paying ... Read on
comb through
comb through Meaning | Definition to check thoroughly to examine properly to be looking for or searching for something Example Sentences The police combed through their house after ... Read on
chill to the bone
chill to the bone and chill to the marrow Meaning | Definition to get frightened or scare somebody to be very cold to feel unpleasantly cold feel very chilly and frosty ... Read on
cutting edge
cutting edge Meaning to be among the latest and the best (often used for technological advancements) to be better than its competitors, thereby cutting the edge for them ... Read on
come across
come across Meaning to meet someone to find something it is used to express something that has come up by chance and was not a planned event or ... Read on
come what may
come what may Meaning anything happens; whatever come about to resolve on doing (something) to be sure of going ahead in a particular situation even if all the ... Read on
curiosity killed the cat
curiosity killed the cat Meaning too much curiosity can lead to dangerous situations being too inquisitive can get you into trouble a prying behaviour can be harmful used ... Read on
cup of joe
cup of joe also cup o’ joe / cuppa joe Meaning a cup of coffee Example Sentences When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is ... Read on

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ignorance is bliss
ignorance is bliss Meaning to not get affected by something that is not known to miss facts about issues because of not knowing about something to not care ... Read on


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