Idioms beginning with B

beggars can’t be choosers
beggars can’t be choosers Meaning do not ask more or customize what you get when you have got it after asking for it people who are begging cannot ... Read on
birds of a feather flock together
birds of a feather flock together Meaning to form groups with people with similar interests and tastes people of same flavour or interest gets together in groups Example ... Read on
breakout Meaning | Definition to escape from somewhere violently a group escaping from prison a massive acne breakout, usually happens to teenagers something that is sudden and popular ... Read on
being in love
being in love Meaning | Definition to have strong feelings of love for someone to be infatuated with another adult to be romantically and sexually attracted to someone ... Read on
batten down the hatches
batten down the hatches Meaning | Definition to get ready for trouble to foresee issues and be prepared for the same Example Sentences The army is wise to ... Read on
beef up
beef up Meaning | Definition to become big and muscular to boost or develop something to build something stronger or more efficient to become fat Example Sentences Google ... Read on
black and blue
black and blue Meaning | Definition hurt, either bodily, emotionally or psychologically the colour that comes about on the skin because of broken capillaries when a person has been beaten ... Read on
black out
black out Meaning | Definition to be in a semi unconscious state so as to not have any memory of a particular moment usually it is a short ... Read on
blow mind
blow mind Meaning | Definition upset or distract to overwhelm someone to excite someone to surprise, sock or amaze somebody the notion of feeling overwhelmed with a fact ... Read on
back to the wall
back to the wall Meaning | Definition to be in a difficult situation to have the odds against one’s self to have no way of being able to ... Read on

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jot or tittle
jot or tittle Meaning A very small amount. A tiny portion of something. Example Sentences I don’t want a jot or tittle of it, I want the whole ... Read on


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