at daggers drawn

at daggers drawn
Meaning: about to or ready to fight.
Example: The two neighboring countries have several times been at daggers drawn over extraction of the natural resources from the ocean.

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AuthorArpit Chhabra writes on 10th July 2017

It means showing strong dislike for someone.

AuthorPriya Jadeja writes on 1st July 2017

The idiom AT DAGGERS DRAWN means that to be ready to fight or be ready for a battle.
I know the meaning of the idiom but not the origin. Can someone please share with me the origin of this idiom?
I hope you will.

AuthorHimanshi Choudhary writes on 12th May 2017

My brother and me at daggers drawn all the time.

AuthorDarjatboto writes on 9th May 2017

To prepared for fighting.

Authorzahid mehmood writes on 28th November 2015

Pakistan and India are at daggers drawn.

AuthorAzeem writes on 29th July 2016

It’s very easy idiom.

AuthorShainy sharon writes on 11th June 2015

I luved it

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