actions speak louder than words

actions speak louder than words


  • what you do carries more weight than what you say
  • doing is better than just speaking
  • your actions are more significant than your words
  • better to do something rather than just talk

Example Sentences

  1. “You always speak of the importance of charity, but never do anything. Actions speak louder than words!”
  2. The captain, tired of trying to motivate his players, took it upon himself to guide his team to victory. After all, actions spoke louder than words.
  3. Politicians are all the same, all talk but no work; do they realize that actions speak louder than words?
  4. Its no use sitting and speaking of success, you have to act on it. Remember actions speak louder than words.
  5. A good leader does not tell his team how things should be done, he shows them; after all, actions speak louder than words.


This statement is a very old proverb and is found in many languages and in various forms. It was first recorded in English in this exact way in 1736.

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AuthorMayank writes on 10th December 2017

Very helpful for my exam

AuthorApu writes on 10th December 2017

Very useful read

AuthorJessica writes on 10th December 2017

Very helpful for everyone it is nice and readable.

AuthorJonathan writes on 29th November 2017

Realy helpfull for school

AuthorBen writes on 29th November 2017

Thanks, this is helpful

AuthorAnna writes on 27th November 2017

It was of great help

AuthorYumi writes on 26th November 2017


AuthorNirjara Gala writes on 18th November 2017

Nice… was really helpful for me to write an expansion

AuthorBen Kaster writes on 15th November 2017

My reading teacher gave me this idiom for a project.

AuthorLaila writes on 30th October 2017


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