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at the same time
at the same time Meaning used to refer to two or more things occurring together to refer to another alternative to be considered in addition to that which ... Read on
all set
all set Meaning to refer a state of being ready for an event to be prepared for an occurrence for something to be finished or to refer to ... Read on
a burnt child dreads the fire
a burnt child dreads the fire Meaning everyone avoids repeating a hurting experience again in life when you are once beaten by someone or something, you always avoid ... Read on
as different as chalk and cheese
as different as chalk and cheese Meaning for two things to be completely different from each other to have nothing in common with someone or something else to ... Read on
apple polisher
apple polisher Meaning a flatterer; toady a person who tries to get favours from those in authority through flattery a person who seeks for promotion or rewards from ... Read on
a lot on my plate
a lot on my plate Synonyms | Variants too much on my plate enough on my plate so much on my plate Meaning to have so many things ... Read on
at sixes and sevens
at sixes and sevens Meaning used to express a situation of uncertainty or confusion to be in complete disarray a state of confusion or bewilderment referring to disagreement ... Read on
head and shoulders above
head and shoulders above (the rest/the competition, etc.) Meaning significantly better than everybody else in the field on a level above the others way out ahead of the ... Read on
a trip to the sun
a trip to the sun Meaning something which is very unlikely some task or activity or anything which is impossible to achieve something which is never going to ... Read on
absence makes the heart grow fonder
absence makes the heart grow fonder also, distance makes the heart grow fonder Meaning to miss and love someone more when they are not around to think of ... Read on

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make a clean breast
make a clean breast Meaning: confess completely. Example: While wedged stealing in Super Market, Robert Daniel decided to make a clean breast of it to the owner of ... Read on


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