Idioms beginning with A

a house of cards
a house of cards Meaning something that can easily be broken or crumble by itself something that is very fragile in nature something that cannot be protected something ... Read on
all Greek to me
all Greek to me Meaning used to convey that you cannot understand what is being said or written something meaningless and incomprehensible to you something that you do ... Read on
all bark and no bite
all bark and no bite Meaning threatening, aggressive, but not willing to engage in a fight full of talk, but low on action talk that is more impressive ... Read on
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush Meaning what you already have is more valuable than the prospect to have something greater it is ... Read on
ask out
ask out Meaning invite someone to go out, especially on a date invite someone to a social engagement invite someone to go out socially, especially in order to ... Read on
all is fair in love and war
all is fair in love and war Meaning in situations of love and war you do not have to obey rules of reasonable behaviour in love and war, ... Read on
as nice as ninepence
as nice as ninepence Meaning A place that is very well organized. Neat and tidy looking. In good order and neat. Example Sentences I was taken aback when ... Read on
a little bird told me
a little bird told me Meaning It is used when a person is trying to hide the source of his information. It indicates that the person knows something ... Read on
as bald as a coot
as bald as a coot Meaning Totally bald. An appearance of being completely bald, that is, without any hair on the head. Example Sentences She is in remission ... Read on
all singing, all dancing
all singing, all dancing Meaning Something that is full of verve, vivacity and liveliness. Something that is full of life. It is a description of something that is ... Read on

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give a wide berth
give a wide berth Meaning: avoid somebody; keep away from somebody. Example: He has fallen out with herĀ adviserĀ and has been giving her a wide berth for a couple ... Read on


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